Les Mis won for best hair and makeup.

Really? Really?

That is a fucking joke. Do you know how easy it is to make someone look sick and poor? Easy. Do you know how easy it is to make someone look like a completely ethereal, otherworldly creature like and Elf? It isn’t. At all. 

The makeup and hair department for the Hobbit went through hell and back with those designs they had to work with. Imagine doing a hairstyle like Nori’s? Or again, even the Elves, who can’t have a strand out of place and practically glow? You think the actors do that on their own? Fun fact: They don’t. It’s all hair, makeup, and prosthetics. The Les Mis team had it easy. Oh, what, they won because Anne Hathaway got her hair chopped off on screen? Give me a fucking break.

I can deal with Life of Pi getting Visual Effects, despite the fact that I doubt they had to turn people into trolls, goblins, or Gollum. 

I’m also pissed that The Hobbit didn’t get a mention for the costume design. ALL of the nominees could at least look back on history and picked out what they wanted to use. They had everything laid out for them. Hobbit team? Hell no. Again, they had to make costumes to make every Dwarf look different and distinguishable from the others, they had to make costumes for various races that humans don’t even believe exist and therefore have no idea where to even start… 

I’m sorry, I’m not going to watch the Oscars if they don’t reward creativity.

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    ^^point. The Hobbit was probably the hardest movie to make with costumes cause all they had was a book to go by plus...
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    Exactly what I said. It’s such bullshit.
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  20. lthilien said: the tiger in life of pi was entirely animated im p sure thats why
  21. jessienevergivesup said: Best Hair and Makeup definitely should have gone to the Hobbit, if just for the beards alone. It’s like the Best Makeup went to Iron Lady… really?
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